If you have a BMW CSI that needs restoring, repairs or service – we would be delighted to provide you free consultation and advice on your BMW CSIĀ car restoration or rebuild.

We can ‘breathe’ new life into your classic BMW or repair any aspect of the car.

This 1972 E9 came to us in what looked to be in fairly decent condition (compared to many other makes and models we have seen)

There was noticeable enhancements and modifications which the client purposefully bought for these modifications to an original looking E9 body

As always with any classic car restoration, looks are always deceiving, once we started removing all the components, paint etc there was quite a bit of body filler covering the rust and imperfections.

Again this is a very desirable vehicle and shape and will always be a car that will continuously appreciate in time

This example has a 1992 M5 motor and gearbox installed with modified fuel tank

We are at the stage of completing all wiring, complete new exhaust in stainless steel being fabricated and fitted, then making a new fuel line

We have restored all other components!

All gauges/instrument cluster will be fitted after being restored and then ready to start after over a year of this complete restoration

You will see the progress via photos from start to finish of this one off restoration to the 1972 CSi

Stay tuned!


Classic car restorationclassic car restoration
Classic car restoration classic car restoration Classic car restoration