If you have a 1979 Escort RS 2000 that needs restoring, repairs or service – we would be delighted to provide you free consultation and advice on your 1979 Escort RS 2000 car restoration or rebuild.

We can ‘breathe’ new life into your classic Escort RS 2000 or repair any aspect of the car.

We  have been commissioned to carry out a full restoration on this 1979 Escort RS 2000 4 Dr

This Example came to us in a bad state and evident of a hard life

The more we remove the more that is clear in how its been looked after

The Ford Escort RS 2000’s are getting extremely rare and highly sought after collectible.

Post stripping all components we will be sending the body and respective panels away to go through the alkaline dipping process

Upon its return it will be epoxy primed and body work process carried out

After plenty of work the engine is close to being rebuilt and ready for painting ready for engine accessories to be fitted post fitment to engine bay

The body work at this stage is 85% complete and will be put on rotisserie to carry out work body work to under-body

The progress is coming along great, stay tuned for more updated photos towards end of 2018.

Ford Escort RS 2000Ford Escort RS 2000Ford Escort RS 2000RS 2000 4 drFord Escort RS 2000

Ford Escort RS 2000