If you have a Riley Roadster that needs restoring, repairs or service- we would be delighted to provide you free consultation and advice on your Riley Roadster Car Restoration or rebuild.

We can ‘breathe new life’ into your classic Riley Roadster car, or repair any aspect of the car.

We are the experts when it comes to restoring classic cars like the Riley Roadster.

We have been commissioned to restore this beautiful and extremely rare Motor Vehicle. We will be at first concentrating on the bulk of the bodywork and Coachwork as it is in quite sad condition and hasn’t been registered for many years.

This is a 1949 2.5L Riley Roadster which they only produced 500. 400 of this Rare Motor Vehicle is known to be existent around the world, and how many are on the roads and in good condition is anyone’s guess.

We will be removing all the parts and panels associated with us needed to carry out the bodywork and coachwork and give the Riley Roadster what is needed and that is LIFE.

All coach work is complete, body work complete, paintwork complete, engine is being rebuilt.




Rear View

Rear View

View of the interior

View of the interior




Trim has been removed

Trim has been removed







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